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Tax IDs are used by various business entity types.

Sole Proprietor Tax ID / EIN


For an individually owned business not registering as a Corporation or LLC.

Partnership Tax ID / EIN

For a business not registering with a state as a Corporation or LLC, and owned by multiple people.


(Limited Liability Companies)

For a business registering with a state as an LLC.

Corporation Tax ID / EIN

For a business registering with the state as a corporation.

S-Corporation Tax ID / EIN

For a business registering with the state as an S-corporation.

Personal Service Corp Tax ID / EIN

(Licensed Professionals)

For a business which is registering with a state as a Personal Service Corporation.

Church Tax ID / EIN

(Church Controlled Organizations)

For a church or non-profit church-controlled organization.

Other Non-Profit Tax ID / EIN

(Not Church-Controlled)

For non-profit organizations that do not also fall under one of the other entity types.

Trust Tax ID / EIN

For arrangements where assets are owned and managed for the benefit of another.

Estate Tax ID / EIN

For the Estate of a deceased individual.

Tax ID / EIN

Our all-purpose application for all entity types seeking a Federal Tax ID / Employer ID Number (EIN)

Single-page web form speeds and simplifies the process

Our online application for a Tax ID/EIN is one simple page, no matter which entity type you choose. The application changes based on your unique situation to ask only questions that are relevant to you. You should be able to complete it in about 5 minutes. By contrast, the IRS online application contains many separate pages, and for a number of scenarios it actually requires filing by fax. When you file with us, your experience is always online. We'll interact with the IRS on your behalf via web, fax, or phone -- whatever is required to file your EIN.

We deliver your Tax ID plus a prepared SS-4

In addition to receiving your new Tax ID/EIN, our system will provide you with a fully-prepared IRS SS-4 document with your Tax ID/EIN number on it. Banks and other entities sometimes require such documentation as part of proof of a valid Employer Identification Number (EIN). The IRS online application process does not provide you with a prepared SS-4. After using our service, you will have access to your SS-4 in a secure section of our website, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for whenever you may need it.

We help you avoid common mistakes

We've refined our Tax ID/EIN application system over thousands of successful filings and thousands of hours of talking to IRS representatives. We used this experience to design custom forms and a dynamic knowledge base to help prevent mistakes and complete your filing successfully the first time. If the IRS online system rejects an application, inexperienced users often cannot tell why, leading to hours or days of identifying and working through issues with the IRS that could have been avoided. Our system helps to ensure a simple, straightforward experience with no frustration or delay.

TPD service works for you to save you time

We've spent thousands of hours on the phone with IRS agents working through Tax ID/EIN form submissions. The IRS defines our role in the process as a Third Party Designee, and TPD services are our professional staff's expertise. If something is wrong with your application information, we'll know what to do to help you fix it. If you forget to update your name after a marriage or divorce, we can help you fix that for a proper EIN submission. If you request an EIN for an LLC which is not yet filed with the state, we can help you fix that as well. These are things the IRS often cannot, or will not provide.

Available for you all day, every day

Our online Tax ID/EIN application system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We've built our process to fit your schedule, whenever that may be: days, nights, weekends, even holidays. Our phone support is available five days a week, and we provide support by e-mail every day, even in the evenings. By contrast, the IRS online application system is only available on weekdays from 7am to 10pm Eastern Time, for a total of 75 hours per week. In other words, we have more than twice the uptime of the IRS website, to receive, process, and support your order at your convenience.

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